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Cloud Voice Products

Work and collaborate from anywhere with smplVoice®. The next-gen business phone solution that provides a professional image from anywhere your business leads you. Easy to use and easy to administrate, all while providing reliable 99.999% uptime.

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Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Solution

With integrated cloud ACD (Automated Call Distribution) employees can receive customer calls anywhere. Our smplVoice® Contact Center solution meets the needs of all sizes of businesses, and allows agents to work from home or the office. Whether you have a small number of help desk agents or hundreds of agents taking orders, incoming calls are handled quickly and efficiently.

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Our Partners

Powered by smplsolutions

Founded in 1996, smplsolutions® has focused on excellence as a data networking and communications technology company by providing its customers with expert advice, problem-solving resources, creative engineering, and high-quality professional services. The company serves as a one-stop shop for network security, computer networking, cloud solutions, data backup, disaster recovery, access control, video surveillance, fiber, and cabling necessities. Our highly trained technicians, The Tech Team™ are your team of networking and communications experts.

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Build a Better Customer Experience with Integration

Experience complete and seamless integration with your CRM, with Microsoft Teams, with Hospitality Suites, and Toshiba On-Premise solutions. Supercharge your productivity and profits with frictionless integrations. Our smplVoice® solution platform is owned by Microsoft – what better way could there be for you to integrate with Teams!

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Integrated Video & Collaboration Tools

90% of business meetings now include remote employees, partners and customers. Video conferencing and web collaboration tools are must-haves to boost productivity and remain competitive in an always-on world. smplVoice® MaX Meeting makes it easy.

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Your company provides quality solutions quickly, which has helped our locations communicate and run smoothly. Thank you for your qualitative services.

Rosella LocatelliCMO

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