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CRM Integration

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smplVoice CRM Integration

Cloud unified communications with customer relationship management integration: Customer experience – the total customer interaction with your company – is a primary combat zone for competitors in a service economy. Businesses like yours want ways to make their interactions with customers faster and frictionless. Our Cloud UC-CRM integrations do both.

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Download a Simple Client to User Desktops - a Setup Wizard Does the Rest

  • Enjoy the benefits of cloud delivery
  • Predictable subscription pricing
  • No upfront costs for hardware or software
  • No extra cost for upgrades
  • Scalability as your company grows
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Speed Customer Interactions

Save Time & Reduce Errors With Click-To-Dial – Add Click-to-Dial, or Highlight-to-Dial, functionality to any web page or program by downloading a simple client-to-user desktop application that integrates with Max UC. Dialing with a single click is quick, convenient, and error-proof.

Personalize Service with Screen Pops Via CRM Integration – Integrate Max UC with your CRM by downloading a simple client-to-user desktop application. Users see callers’ contact info and a “screen pop” with customer info from the CRM database, enabling personalized service as soon as the call connects.

Protect Customer Data with Advanced “Embedded” CRM Integration – Proceed seamlessly with our deep and secure embedded integration between Max UC and Salesforce, Zendesk, or Zoho ensuring all customer data remains within the Salesforce, Zendesk, or Zoho environment for increased data security and compliance with data privacy rules.

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