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Powerful solutions for the modern workplace

Office 365

Is your current solution just “good enough”? Consider having the benefits of great enterprise-level email, security, backup and access for a fraction of the cost that it used to be.


Taking best-of-breed to the cloud, consider some of SonicWalls cloud offerings so that you can change those firewall, e-mail security and anti-virus costs from Cap-Ex to Op-Ex.

Cloud WiFi Controller

Access, monitor, maintain and control WiFi access points from a central location all while pushing out updates and limiting end-user usage as needed.


Cloud phone service is accessible from anywhere, doesn’t require a large upfront cost, scales up and down beautifully and provides small and medium companies an “enterprise” edge.


Carrier quality cloud VoIP phone service available to all size businesses, with month to month options and all the services from a smartphone app to call center agents and recording.

Best-in-class Cloud Services

The cloud refers to a centralized location in the internet that stores data (think spreadsheets and documents) and applications (think accounting software and phone system solution), making them accessible anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. All businesses, from small to enterprise have embraced the cloud because it has a number of benefits. The cloud and the way you use it can grow and change as your business needs grow and change – something not previously possible – when running a business meant large capital investment in specific hardware and software. Storing files and using software applications in the cloud instead of on-site can save a significant amount of money in hardware/software costs. Saving and accessing files/applications in the cloud is easy, and has become second nature for employees and business owners alike.

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